What Are the Best Stretches To Do at My Desk for My Health?

Best Stretches in Oakville

Movement is an essential part of staying happy and healthy. Some people have the opportunity to move and stretch as a part of their workdays; however, many workers need to stay at their desks to complete their jobs.

There are some great stretches you can complete right at your desk. If you are wondering what the best stretches to do at your desk are or have been searching for desk stretches to relieve tension, the health professionals at OAK Chiro and Wellness have developed a list of our recommended stretches for desk workers.

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Neck Roll

One of the best desk stretches for flexibility that you can do is a simple neck roll. Slowly look up then carefully tilt your head to the left, front, right, and back. After, switch directions. Completing this stretch while breathing deeply can help release tension and stress from your neck and spine. 

Shoulder Shrug

Another one of the best stretches to do at your desk is a shoulder shrug. Sit up straight and stretch your spine; then bring your shoulders up to your ears. Slowly release your shoulders back down and repeat.

Shoulder shrugs are effective stretches for desk-bound individuals, strengthening and stretching the spine, shoulders, and neck. This can help alleviate any chronic pain or discomfort you may feel while working at your desk.

Wrist and Forearm Stretch

Wrist and forearm stretches can help reduce any stiffness or soreness in your arms and wrists. Many desk workers spend a lot of time typing and writing, making these some of the top desk stretches for office workers.

First, press your hands together in front of your chest in a prayer position. Hold for 15 seconds, then invert the position, pressing the backs of your hands together, fingers pointing down. Hold for another 15 seconds.

After, extend one of your arms in front of your body, palm up. Use the other hand to push your extended hand towards the floor until you feel a stretch. Complete the same motion with your palm down. Then, repeat with your other arm.

Side and Tricep Stretches

Many workers find themselves hunching over during an extended working session. These side and tricep exercises are some of our top recommended desk-friendly stretching exercises to help refresh your posture.

Sit with an upright posture. Reach your right arm toward the ceiling, then reach it behind your head towards the left shoulder. Use your left hand to gently push down on your extended elbow while leaning to the left. Then, you can repeat on the opposite side.

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This list of the best stretches to do at your desk is a general recommendation—if you begin to feel any pain, contact a licensed healthcare professional immediately. 

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