Pinched Nerve Treatment in Oakville

The complex nervous system of the human body facilitates motor function coordination between the brain and the concerned joint and muscle. The nervous system plays a crucial role in communicating any response or action from the body to the brain. But when the nerve is under stress, or it is compromised, it can affect these basic body functions, leading to pain, numbness and reduced mobility. A pinched nerve is an extremely painful condition that leads to pins and needles, And an effective way of treating this condition is with the help of a chiropractor for a pinched nerve in Oakville. Chiropractor care ensures that the pain and discomfort caused by pinched nerve is eliminated and it can be done in a non-invasive manner. While being a painful condition, pinched nerve also leads to many serious side effects, which might affect your overall health and well-being. Therefore, you can easily get treated for this nerve-related symptom, and the chiropractor will make spinal adjustments to ensure your nerves get relief instantly.

Do you know what a pinched nerve is?

A pinched nerve is also referred to as radiculopathy, and it is a condition when a particular nerve of your body is irritated or compressed, resulting in many side effects. While affecting a particular area, a pinched nerve can also cause pain in the neck, back, arm or shoulder, eventually resulting in pins and needles. When your nerve is compressed by a herniated disc or surrounding tissues, you will feel pain, numbness and tingling in that area, which might affect the quality of your life. Chiropractic care is an effective way of treating the nerve without any surgery, and ignoring the problem can lead to permanent nerve damage. Moreover, you may also face problems like muscle weakness and headaches when you have a pinched nerve and visiting a chiropractor for a pinched nerve in Oakville is an effective way of treating this problem. The obstructed nerve becomes inflamed, and hence it cannot function properly, making it difficult for you to carry on the everyday chores.

Causes of a pinched nerve

There are many causes of pinched nerve as it can occur in any part of the body and getting nerve treatment will ensure that the functionality of the nerve is restored. The common causes of a pinched nerve are:

  • Herniated disc,
  • Poor posture,
  • Diabetes,
  • Arthritis,
  • Obesity or weight issues,
  • Sporting Injuries,
  • Repetitive motion,
  • Pregnancy,
  • Nutritional or vitamin deficiencies,
  • Added stress on the body

When you are suffering from a pinched nerve, you will be able to identify the symptoms, as it can cause neck pain and numbness if your neck nerve is compressed. Numbness of the arm and shoulder is also common if your neck nerve is compressed, and the chiropractor for pinched nerves in Oakville can help you treat this condition. A pinched nerve in your back can lead to chest pain, hips and back pain as it can also reduce your mobility and affect your everyday life adversely. When your nerve is pinched, it can cause sharp and shooting pain in the affected area, often resulting in impaired sensation. Muscle weakness is also a common symptom that is caused by a pinched nerve, and it is important to get the treatment immediately so that the problem is not aggravated.

Chiropractic care for pinched nerve

Visiting a chiropractor for a pinched nerve in Oakville is an effective way of treating this painful and debilitating medical condition. The chiropractors at OAK Chiro and Wellness use chiropractic adjustments to release the pinched nerve, and this is done after finding out the root cause of the problem. When the pressure on the affected nerve is relieved, it can alleviate the pain and eventually healing takes place. Chiropractor uses non-invasive treatment options that offer instant relief, and it also eliminates any kind of side effects. Visiting an expert chiropractor will ensure that you will get an accurate diagnosis of your problem after going through your medical history and symptoms. The chiropractor will find out the impacted nerve and will make use of spinal adjustments to help you get relief from the pain.

Know the chiropractic adjustments made by the chiropractor

  • Knee chest adjustments
  • Diversified adjustments
  • Toggle recoil
  • Manual extremities adjustments
  • Flexion distraction

Benefits of visiting a chiropractor for Pinched nerve in Oakville

Chiropractors are experienced in adjusting your spine and other parts of the body so that it does not adversely impact your nervous system. When nerve interference is removed, you will no longer suffer from pinched nerves, and it will make your body function in an optimal manner. Chiropractors specialize in understanding the spine, and they will be able to locate the exact area of the pinched nerve with the help of medical scans and X-rays, if needed. Effective chiropractic treatment will improve the mobility of the body that might have been affected due to compressed nerves.

and it will also improve the mobility of the body that might have been affected due to compressed nerves.

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The chiropractor can adjust your vertebrae to reduce compression on pinched nerves. The exact location is determined, and the right treatment method relieves this condition.

Chiropractic treatment is the best option for treating pinched or compressed nerves because it is a non-invasive way of dealing with the problem without causing any side effects. As it is a natural and conservative approach to treating the problem, you will not have to take harmful medications or undergo surgical procedures.

Many symptoms indicate that you have a pinched nerve, and when you are suffering from symptoms like numbness and pain in any part of the body, you should visit a chiropractor.

The healing of the pinched nerve can take place in any amount of time, and this is based on the location of the compressed nerve. It might take a few days or even weeks to fully recover from the problem when you get treated by the chiropractor.

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